YIP: Add Frontend Pages for Yam Bug/Hack Protection Protocol

YIP: Add Frontend Pages for Yam Bug/Hack Protection Protocol

Basic Summary
Yam Bug/Hack Protection Protocol is being developed. RFF: Revised Yam Bug/Hack Protection Protocol

People don’t know that. Add a frontend page so that people are aware. Gradually add elements to that page when development proceeds.

Same with above.

We need the team to interact more with the community and generally the public, to let the industry know we are serious, and working. Otherwise people will assume that this is another forgotten fruit coin project launched only for farming’s sake.

Add a front page to show basic elements of what the Yam Bug/Hack Protection Protocol intends to do. It’s fine to be brief. If nothing in detail can be provided, a “coming soon” page is better than nothing.

Poll to Measure Sentiment

Add a frontend page on all functions being developed.
  • Yes. Always add frontend page on functions being developed.
  • No. Don’t add any page unless the function has been tested and proven to be perfectly working.

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If the proposal is approved, what should the page look like?
  • A simple “coming soon” sign.
  • Description of the new function plus links to more detailed materials.
  • Progress bar showing the development status.

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I am cautiously for adding a “Coming Soon” page, but need to think on it further.

I also misread the poll when I answered - I don’t think we should always add a page for something we’re developing.

Yes I agree. It should be changed as “Always add frontend page on function being developed which is seen as promising by the community (i.e. voted for).”

Added poll on what the page should look like.

I see that most voters prefer to add the frontend page. Shall we make this a formal proposal and submit to snapshot?

I’m not sure how exactly we do that - anything I can do?

Shouldn’t be a development effort and high level task overview be included in each YIP?

As well I’m missing the potential positive impact of this feature development on the overall project goals and how the impact and sucess of this new featue is measured.

its a pretty small sample size. i think this is definitely something we’ll do soon, just want to get a liiiitttle further in development first

If you have invested in any public company before you’ll find that their websites always has a dedicated “IR” (investor relation) channel, showing the latest plan of the company’s development, as well as disclosure of status of ongoing projects. This is a mandatory requirement for a public company because investors are entitled to this. Not every community member can visit the forum and read through details everyday. There has to be a place to give them high level summary of the status of matters.

Also, it is an industial common practice for any commercial Internet sites to showcase new functions being introduced to users, giving users the opptunity to get familiar with the new funciton before official launch.

Now, DAO is supposed to do better than traditional financing. With all due respect, I don’t think this project is giving participants better control and knowledge than an average traditional financing project or public company would.

Before I made another simple and stupid proposal here Add Snapshot and governance forum link to homepage , the project doesn’t even allow people to access the forum and the voting page from the homepage.

Seriously, guys, if you truly believe what you are doing is better than the Wall Street firms, you need to show a little more responsiveness and sense of responsibility to the average community members.

There is a link on the website footer to the forum and a second link to the forum under the governance tab. Why aren’t these navigation options sufficient enough for casual users?

Industry best practice is to make new feautres available in test- or sandbox enviornments.
Not sure if canary deployments work for blockchain projects.

Fully agreed seperate proposal from my perspective