YIP: Part-time Contributor Compensation for nonstopTheo

YIP: Part-time Contributor Compensation for nonstopTheo


This proposal is to approve or deny adding nonstopTheo as part time contributor to the YAM DAO. nonstopTheo has been particularly helpful around growth and business development initiatives and will continue to focus on these activities going forward.

Core Yam Team supports nonstopTheo’s request for compensation but decision will be determined by community snapshot.


nonstopTheo has been an active YAM community members since late 2020. He’s been particularly engaged in product, growth and business development aspects of YAM. nonstopTheo’s proactive engagement in YAM convinced the core contributors that he would be a great addition to help develop YAM products. He will continue to focus on growth and business development activities going forward.

Notable contributions so far include:

nonstopTheo has been actively involved in crypto since 2017, across finance/insurance, NFTs, gaming. He has a background in finance & banking, having worked in M&A/Corporate Finance and corporate development. nonstopTheo has been invested in $YAM since the very beginning and held v1, v2 and v3 $YAM token.

nonstopTheo is to become a part time contributor with ~30h per week. The compensation is set at $6,250/month ($75k/yr) in $YAM tokens.


If this proposal succeeds, an onchain proposal will be initiated to open a 3-months stream for nonstopTheo with the amount of $6,250/month in $YAM tokens.

  • Approve
  • Deny

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Awesome to see unanimous support for @nonstopTheo!

I’ve put up the snapshot:

Please vote.