YIP: Pay Binance 100,000 yUSD from Treasury to list

Basic Summary
Uniswap liquidity isn’t sufficient. Binance listing is very beneficial.

Pay Binance 100,000 yUSD from Treasury to list YAM.

Incentive Binance holders to provide liquidity in a Binance farm. (BNB/YAM or BUSD/YAM)

It helps grow awareness and users of YAM.


  1. A transaction from multisig would need to be made to pay Binance $100,000 yUSD

  2. A Binance specific farm would need to be create to incentive Binance holders to stake, save or provide liquidity.

Poll to Measure Sentiment

  • Do It
  • Not yet

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Don’t know how to make a poll in thread.

I agree with your idea but we should wait until YAM has a product. If the crop protection is developed and we list binance at the same time it will bring a lot of excitement to YAM and fill the treasury well for future endeavors.

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Does it only cost 100k?

@fewture If you Edit the post and click the Gear icon in the text edit box, you can add a poll. :slight_smile:

the price for listing on Binance is surely far more than 100k.

stupid idea, also, binance is not pay for listing exchange.
And check ORN which listed recently on binance, is there huge difference? We should care more about enabling the protocol instead of just care about pump and dump.

thanks. the poll is up!

I disagree for now, but would love to see more specific numbers around what liquidity profile you feel we need.

I think CEX’s will be forced to list us eventually if we get the traction we expect.


@MickHagen on Discord

We need deeper liquidity if we want to attract more investors.