YIP:Speed up proposals to 24 hours

YIP:Speed up proposals to 24 hours

Basic Summary
The speed of the current proposal is too slow, for example, to modify [rebaselag]. The proposal took three days, and with the deployment, it took almost a week. A lot of things have happened in the world for a week. The contents of the amendment may no longer be applicable

We can shorten the proposal time. For example, a proposal by [core]alone can be set to 24 hours. Because this type of proposal has already been discussed, it doesn’t take so much time. And the [community’s proposal] is still 48 hours old.

Time is money. Efficiency needs to be improved

Set Core proposal time minimum time set to 24Hours

PS:If the community’s proposal takes 24 hours, how many valid votes does it need to reach before it can be accepted?

Poll to Measure Sentiment

  • Agree to accelerate proposal time
  • disagree. Just take your time.

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How about 12 hours? I think half day should be enough to collect the votes.

Inappropriate. 24 hours are easy to reach the minimum voting threshold. 12 hours not good

I agree there should be classes for proposed changes but it cannot not be a sweeping change. A minimum and maximum standard could be used based on class of proposal.

Sadly democracy is not efficient.

People work and have other responsibilities. Most people don’t work 24 hr days, but some people work 12

While this may make sense in the future, at the current moment our governance infrastructure is too underdeveloped to speed up the proposal time.

We are working to create a UI for delegation, voting, and proposal tracking, but until these are ready, we don’t have a good sense of how the governance process works. Changing something like this with no data does not seem prudent.

Also, the voting time period is not only for voting, but also for review. There must be time for people to consider, review, and verify a proposal during the voting time. Perhaps much of this can be accomplished in the earlier proposal phases, but it is still critical to allow sufficient time for analysis for an on-chain implementation.

The off-chain voting period is currently 72 hours, however, and I do believe this should be shortened to 48 hours, similar to the on-chain proposal time.