YIP: YAM Mission Statement Ratification

YIP: YAM Mission Statement Ratification

Basic Summary
This proposal is to vote on the Yam’s Mission Statement.

The Mission Statement is the culmination of a four-part brand definition process as documented in previous forum posts. Please review and vote on the mission statement. If you vote “No”, please provide a comment. Yam’s mission statement summarizes the purpose that drives the Yam DAO community. It says why Yam does what it does. When Yam considers new opportunities, it relies on the mission to make appropriate decisions.

Brands are tools that drive value: it was this premise that motivated Yam contributors to invest time developing the Yam brand. Branding is a long-term strategy that can yield measurable returns throughout the life of Yam as it grows and morphs.

Here are Three reasons to invest time and energy developing the Yam brand.

1. Attract Customers, Yam Members, and Ecosystem Partners
By clearly defining audience personas and crafting marketing messaging that’s specifically targeted at your ideal target audiences. Significantly improve relationships with those that interact with Yam’s brand. And few things are more valuable than brand loyalty.

2. Boost Value of Organization
Never underestimate the power of brand equity. it can have a positive effect on your YAM token price. Stronger brands realize stronger financial performance. The long-term result of branding is that the Yam DAO itself is worth more.

3. Increase Marketing Effectiveness
When your brand is cohesive and well-articulated, your marketing initiatives will be too. Branding encompasses the essential “first steps” that define Yam’s core messaging, brand personality, and marketplace position. A set of guidelines and templates that come out of branding will save Yam time, money, and frustration when developing future initiatives.

At the core of the Yam brand is the mission statement which is presented below in both a short-form and a long-form.

Yam’s Mission Statement - short-form
Yam is a collaborative community innovating at the intersection of decentralized governance and programmable finance. Our open, fair and ethical philosophy fosters an inclusive and energetic culture. We are a fair-launch DAO pushing the bounds of innovation and launching experiments to enable the very promise of what DeFi can become for the world: a global, permissionless financial ecosystem.

Yam’s Mission Statement - Long-form
Yam is a community run Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) innovating at the intersection of decentralized governance and programmable finance, bound by shared financial incentives with the goal of empowering people with greater economic benefits and financial well being within the emerging world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Yam mission and vision is supported via three guiding pillars.

Fair and Ethical Distribution
By the community, for the community. We are an ultra-committed community of doers embracing an open, fair and ethical philosophy. The Yam community fosters an inclusive, energetic and collaborative culture committed to building valuable products and infrastructure that benefit the Yam community.

Decentralized On-Chain Governance and Treasury
Yam is committed to decentralized protocol ownership, leveraging its powerful and forward-looking community to both build and guide the protocol forward. The community decides together how best to invest the treasury and grow the protocol which can only be performed with approval from YAM holders’ on-chain votes.

Innovation: Unique economics with cutting edge experimentation
Yam seeks to enable the very promise of what DeFi can become for the world: a global, permissionless financial ecosystem. Think of Yam as an idea factory dedicated to creating new innovations and launching experiments. Yam is therefore in uncharted waters, full of unknowns and possibilities, and we like it here. In the midst of these unknowns and possibilities, Yam’s mission serves as its north star.

How Yam is different
While other DeFi ecosystem players subscribe to similar goals, many make various trade-offs for efficiency, security, or profit in place of decentralization and community ownership. These tradeoffs can sometimes be rationalized, but Yam will refuse to stray from our core values, and instead drive confidently forward together with our community.

Poll to Measure Sentiment
Vote Yes: ratifies the Yam Mission Statement
Vote No: rejects the mission statement (please leave a comment with your reason or input)

  • Yes
  • No

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Background brand work leading up to the Mission Statement can be viewed here:

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Yam Brand Exploration Part 3: Yamifesto Support Points List RFF

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YAM’s mission statement should be: fund management and to build a suite of DeFi applications.

I don’t think the mission statement should include, “full of unknowns” and “uncharted waters”. It just sounds like a project searching for PmF.

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In general I think mission statements should be a bit more imaginative than “manage funds and build” –– that doesn’t exactly capture the imagination.

I think the proposed mission statement accurately captures the spirit of what Yam is trying to be, and the rest of the mission statement describes how we plan to move forward in these uncharted waters.










1. 吸引用户,Yam会员以及生态合作伙伴


2. 提升组织价值


3. 提高营销效果




Yam使命宣言 - 摘要版


Yam使命宣言 - 完整版













It’s not talking about the major issues that prevents new investments. The “brand” does not exist yet. First step in creating the brand is to link the YAM token to any future revenues. This is seriously the absolute minimum.

We need less talk and more action. “Mission statement” is not needed now.

What I like from: https://dxdao.eth.link/#/ don’t think it’s covered explicitly:

  • No Hierarchies -> The current job roles included quite some managers and leads.
  • Symmetry of Information -> Is written before, all processes and actions should be well documented enough for the DAO to act autonomously.

This requires a tremendous amount of actual work. This will be one of my duties to organize and propose structure so that it can be run autonomously but this actually needs to be put together by someone.

@designer Thanks for bringing this up and for the draft. Please, do you know what the mission statements of other projects are? In general, I am missing a part of bringing value to the community. We should be transparent about it too. Also, as it is an international community and the level of command of English differs (e.g. me). I suggest using simple and shorter descriptions. They will have a much better impact. In that sense, I tried to rephrase “Yam’s Mission Statement - short-form”

Yam is an open, fair, and ethical community of people who are working together. We are experimenting at the intersection of decentralized governance and programmable finance with the aim of improving financial ecosystem and capturing the value for members.

Am also planning to write a short essay during a weekend around this topic. I will post here.

EDIT: I found this link: https://daotalk.org/t/dxdao-manifesto/2161


This is very similar to Designer’s statement. I like both but @designer’s statement is more of a “lofty” goal, something that I think needs to be in a short mission statement.

Of course documentation and testing is ~30% till 40% of the overall software project work effort.

Claiming professional documentation will only happen if somebody gets paid, well a good reason to show the door to any trainee, candidate or somebody on probation time.

Never claimed this, only claimed that it take lots of work.
I am curious, do you do professional documentation for free? Can you do ours please?